Friday, July 16, 2010

Blue Hurricane & Strawberry Daiquiri Cuppycakes

Mom and I came across a 5-pack of drink mix for rum drinks. The Blue Hurricane cuppycake was my first try through that pack. I started with a basic white cupcake mix....added the Hurricane mix, rum extract, coconut extract and coconut creme filling mixed in the batter...added a few drops of neon blue food coloring and royal blue Wilton food coloring to make the blue color pop. The frosting was a bit of an experiment too...made my butter cream with shortening and sifted powdered sugar but at the end added heavy whipping cream and beat the crap out of it. To the frosting, I added more Hurricane mix, rum extract and the coconut creme filling. Because of the coconut in the frosting, I was limited as to icing tips to use for piping on the frosting. I tried rimming the bottom of the frosting in blue sanding sugar. Topped with a candy lime wedge and added the umbrella for ambiance. Tasted just like the drink and had people thinking it was made with real rum. lol Next up to bat will be the Strawberry Daiquiri Cuppycake...
Same concept as the Blue Hurricane....started with a basic white cupcake mix then added the Strawberry Daiquiri mix, rum extract and strawberry filling that I use in my peanut butter cuppycakes. I used the same butter cream frosting made with the whipped cream and added more of the daiquiri mix, rum extract and the strawberry filling and just a tad of red food coloring. The frosting was spot on--tasted like the drink. Batter needed a tad bit more of the boozy taste though.

I made a double batch of the white cupcake mix this time so I halved it before baking the Strawberry Daiquiri Cuppycakes...then made Cookies n' Creme Cuppycakes...

Placed one Oreo with the top wafer removed in the bottom of the cupcake liner...Added chopped up Oreos to a white batter mix and topped with butter cream with Oreo crumbs folded in. Sprinkled with more Oreo crumbs and topped with the wafer removed from the beginning. Yummy! The folks at church will get to try these out at our Gathering Dinner tonight. ;)

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