Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maple Pig Cuppycake. I tried to get Kim to try this one a few weeks ago but she didn't seem interested until she saw someone on Cupcake Wars tried it. Now, it's a HUGE seller and the people at work fight over it!! Mini cuppies that I made for a Bake Sale: Chocolate Coconut (tastes like a Mounds Bar), Dirt Pudding (another one I can't get Kim to try), Hostess with the Mostess (I think the colored icing works better and am glad to say that Kim is starting to use colored icing on hers)--I started coloring my filling too and I'm using the actual Hostess Recipe that came in one of the Hostess Recipe books I bought on eBay.
Oreo, White and Boston Cream cuppycakes. Check out my sucky piping skills--NOT!lol

My girls loving their Toy Story PB&J cuppycakes---I use strawberry jam filling unlike Kim who uses Raspberry filling. It has seeds in it which doesn't work for my diverticulosis.

My husband trying my Boston Cream Pie cuppycakes. He doesn't seem to mind my lack of decorating skills. lol

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