Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poet Trees Cupcakery is in bloom.

Today is my re-birthday. Three years ago today I went under the knife at the same time across town my dear Melissa lost her precious bebe boy Maverick. I respect her decision to carry him to term eventhough she knew he'd only be in her arms for a very brief moment. Little did I know that my own decision would be a complicated filled with an induced coma, respirators, pain, infection, stomach ulcers, feeding tubes, extreme nausea everyday for three months straight, humiliation and yet full of "mat-carriers" when I needed them most. One full month in the hospital far away from home and another month at home hooked up to IVs was worth the end result---no more insulin injections---no more pills. They say it's the easy way out--oh, how wrong they are! Kind of ironic that a diabetic would start a cupcakery.

I cannot wait for pumpkin season to kick in...I love Fall--autumnal bliss. I am longing for a trip to Appleworks with my babies. Ayden will slide down the barn slide about 100 times and I'll be right behind him. lol Hopefully, this year it will not take Lily two hours to pick out a pumpkin and it won't take me an hour to get through the line to pay for my apples. Oh, how I LOVE Rome and Golden Delicious apples. Apples with peanut butter or apples with cheddar cheese--oh so heavenly...This Fall, I have a feeling that I will have a TON of orders for apple cobbler, s'mores, and these lovely pumpkin pie cupcakes which will result in many visits to apple orchards and pumpkin patches, but hey, I'mnot complaining. Ladies, they say that pumpkin has a 'nice' effect on men's libido...let's test that theory out.

Now, if I could only acquire a nice house with a 'real' kitchen where I can park my lovely Chocolate Kitchen-Aid mixer that Eddie restored for me. Thanks Eddie! Ray Skillman has a gem in you and your mad paint and design skills!! lol

So, we've been trying to move out of this retirement village (well, it used to be one). lol I must say that I don't like the games that realtors play and I have been played the last few weeks bad. We almost had a lovely 1920s cottage home in Plainfield with a matching two-story playhouse in the backyard that the girls would have loved. The listing realtor used to live in it during her college years with her best friend but it belonged to this friend's father. We knew from viewing it that there was a high probability of roof damage--although, the owner marked on his disclosure that he did not know of any problems with the roof. There are two layers of shingles up there and BIG patches in the ceiling...We made our offer on the condition that the roof and foundation would pass inspection and if not, he'd pay to repair or replace the roof. The seller flat out refused our offer, cursed out his realtor (his daughter's friend) and fired her. She was then free to disclose that he knows that there is roof damage but feels that he will get someone to pay him cash for this home---and with no mortgage it would not be required to pass an inspection. We were blessed not to get that house though...And, I won't even tell you about the Jamestown, IN cottage home--pure disaster and a horrible lingering mold smell but one hell of a kitchen with a side-by-side commercial refrigerator, hickory cabinets and Brazilian cherry floors. The landscape was beautiful and the inside was a wreck! The owner (before he lost it to the bank) had a drinking problem and would start many different house projects without finishing the last.
Everything inside was torn up.

We found another house (two bedrooms) just outside of Avon relatively close to both our full time jobs. Big enough for the two of us (and, well Dub and Sav too) right now. We can't even start the adoption process until we've been married a year. Oh, if I could just travel back in time to four years ago and smack Mark upside the head before the snip-snip! WHAT was he thinking!?! So cheap to do yet SO expensive to reverse.

Well, we have been going back and forth with counter-offers in between having to deal with their realtor who isn't the least bit pleasant and has a reputation amongst other agents of being a b*tch. I viewed the home by myself and asked for a second viewing so Mark could see it. With him working nights, it makes things difficult. Their realtor wasn't returning my realtor's phone calls. So, I took it upon myself to email her and explained that Mark works nights and if at all possible, could she please ask the seller if Mark and I could view it around 9am that next day (Sunday) so Mark could stay awake and go from the end of his shift at 7am. I told her that I didn't want to inconvenience the seller as I knew she was 8 months pregnant but I was running out of options with Mark's work/sleep schedule. I asked her to please call my realtor or myself back. She merely wrote me back telling me to have my realtor call her office for a late viewing. In the meantime, she called my realtor and told him she didn't appreciate me contacting her and trying to negotiate a price on the house. Whoa! I NEVER once mentioned PRICE! I asked strictly about viewing the home and made one comment about how the seller had a lovely home. That's it. When we got to the point of making an offer (of what we were pre-approved for), she told our agent that she "didn't have time" to present our offer to the seller that next day and needed an extension of an additional 24 hours. And, now, after much bartering with our mortgage broker, tapping ourselves out and depleting our 401Ks to make our down payment and the difference for what the broker cannot extend us, she is continuing to play games. The seller countered and only lowered their price by $1k. That really was not reasonable considering this is a buyer's market and quite frankly it was out of our grasp to offer more. The most we can do is offer $1400 less than their last counter offer which I think is pretty damn good--not-to-mention I caught a lot of crap from my parents and Mark for going even that high. When we submitted it, I told the agent then that it was our final offer. We can't possibly go any higher. Their realtor called yesterday and said we needed to give our "best and highest" offer because now they have "multiple offers." Well, I'm sorry, but my last offer was the best and highest--take it or leave it. There are a lot of houses on the market right now. Their house is lovely but we could find one just as nice elsewhere. It really makes me wonder if there really isn't another offer or if there is, it is a low-ball offer and she is just trying to bleed us dry to pad her pockets. So, we have until 9am today to hear an answer and I looked up some potentials and told my agent to line up these 5 other houses to view this morning and afternoon. I have no qualms about moving back to Johnson County or to live near the parents in Morgan County. I would have truly appreciated their home and the love they put into it but after dealing with inadequate lawyers and voluminous Grand Jury cases all day, I wasn't in the mood for the games.

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